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December 15, 2006


Skatje Myers

I understand completely what Akusai was saying about hate speech still being protected, but what I pointed out in my reply to him was that the situation is different than simply out in public. The school does not guarantee free speech and bans hate speech in order to protect students and give a "safe learning environment."

Granted, some argue that it was the internet, and not within school. It became a school issue because Jallo had posted on the *high school network* of Facebook, with the high school name right behind his own. He posted it to other kids in the school.

Also, I think you're missing my entire point, which is somewhat disappointing. My goal was never to get Jallo in trouble. My goal was to make the principal aware of a problem within the school. It's not about censoring Jallo, it's about teaching kids not to have the viewpoint that gays need to be shipped off or shouldn't have equal rights. I did think it was a good thing that the principal talked to him to at least tell him that he needs to be careful what he says when people could be offended by it. That's some common sense he apparently didn't have.

(He actually didn't get in trouble. All he got was a talkin' to. That's not even punishment.)

It's the people who commented on my blog who turned this whole thing into being about Jallo, instead of about respect and tolerance in the school. Please, please understand that my goal wasn't to get Jallo in trouble. I've repeated that enough to people supporting him.

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