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January 29, 2007


Robert Gehl

You ought to check out Chris Mooney's The Republican War on Science. Unfortunately, it seems as though humanist academics might very well be partly responsible for the extreme science skepticism that's going around. Bruno Latour, who is considered the founder of science studies and put forth much of that discipline's methodology, has even gone so far as to doubt if his project was a good idea, in light of the fact that now we have climate change doubters, evolution doubters, etc.

James F. Trumm

What I find interesting is how the right has co-opted the ideas of post-modernist literary critics (who tend to be of the liberal/radical persuasion). In their war on science, phony conservatives have adopted the idea that everything is just a "text" to which a reader can ascribe equally valid meanings. They have adopted the idea that truth is a sociopolitical construct without objective meaning. In this way, Derrida & Co. have given their ideological enemies a more potent weapon then they could have ever imagined. JFT


Here from Pharyngula, wondering how I missed you so far - so many common themes and topics:

For instance this:
... or anything else in the "Ideology" category in the Archives....


Very well said. That episode of TNG made me uncomfortable even as an adult.

Gregory Lynn

I have never seen a better argument for the validity of any litmus test issue.

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