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March 06, 2007



We still all don't get it, do we? Policies? Yeah, it's the policies, but WHAT ARE the Policies? I think I can Crunch it down to a single word byte:
Money Laundering Scheme.
Our taxes(How much per year do we generate?) get sloughed off into the pockest of every one of the Bush Crime family's buddies, as fast as they can shovel it. This is the whole focus of "Privatization". Same goes for the War, Katrina recovery, Iraq rebuilding, etc., and the sad part is they don't even bother to do what the contract says, they just reduce the Staff, steal all the money and run.
And We don't get it yet, do we? All the supporters of the war, incliuding Blair, and Lieberman, and also Condie, all offered liftime Jobs and 7 digit sign-on bonuses to Carlyle.... all of them speaking their paychecks, thier conciences muted by the money. Our Government, and Officials, all being bought off and paid handsomely while Bush Fiddles like Nero, and DC is fiscally burning away before our very eyes.
When will we wake Up? How do we make them PAY US BACK?

James F. Trumm

Hey Bob,

Well, I think it was Mother Jones who said, "Don't mourn; organize!" Except in some limited cases where the Justice Department pursues claims against contractors who take the money and run, we're not going to be paid back (and I find it hard to imagine the current Justice Department pursuing such claims very aggressively).

I should point out too that Republicans are not the only party to embrace the gospel of privatization; the trend was actually begun under Clinton, but greatly and recklessly accelerated under Bush. That's why electing any old Democrat won't do; we have to pick the right one. Any ideas?


Ideas are nice, Action is what counts, as you mentioned. I'm having a real problem finding ANYONE with enough REAL integrity to choose. As usual, we end up with the choices presented, that can make it over the hurdle presented by, or end up cooperating with, the prevailing noise machine and have enough money to stuff the noise machine with their particular brand of noise. Obama seems Promising, but the coporatocracy will fight off any candiate that can't be bought off. Too bad we don't have such a thing as a stealth candidate, that plays the game, and then springs a bit of integrity on all of them....

So I'm singin' the Blues.....Got lotsa reason to mourn, Lotsa reason to moan, but what it is that I know, they keep tellin' me this: that I just don't know any more, I don't know what I know anymore... Is it reality or just a fanatasy? I don't know what I Know anymore!
Thanks for the reply, Bob


Too bad we don't have such a thing as a stealth candidate, that plays the game, and then springs a bit of integrity on all of them....
A modern day Chester A. Arthur, you say... hmmm.

James F. Trumm

I dunno: mutton chops are like so seventies....

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