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April 21, 2007


Laura Unger

I think it is so important that all candidates put together positions on how to encourage affordable, broadband for all. I am sure Edwards will not stop at rural communities but will put forth program to bridge the digital divide for all Americans. It's good he references the CWA (Communications Workers of America) whose website has proposals on these issues that several candidates, (Edwards, Obama, Clinton) have picked up on. They are all taking the position that there must be public policy to encourage building really high speed networks that are affordable and available in every community in this country.

James F. Trumm

I agree. It's pretty deplorable that the U.S. is 12th in the world in terms of broadband access per 100 citizens. And while we're on communications issues, why does the U.S. have such crappy cell phone service?

James F. Trumm

One thing I find a little strange about this policy page from Edwards' site: it's apparently not linked to from his issues page, or from any other page I can find. It seems to be an island. Is this just an oversight, or does Edwards hide his policies on some things by creating island pages and forwarding the links to those pages only to specific supporters?

Laura Unger

I don't know why it is so hard to find but I did find it. The portion on broadband follows:
Investing in Rural Broadband: Once a world leader in broadband access, the U.S. is now 21st in the world, trailing Estonia. Rural households are only about half as likely to have a broadband connection even though digital inclusion is one of the quickest and surest ways to attract businesses. Edwards will establish a national broadband map to identify gaps in availability, price, and speed and require telephone and cable companies not to discriminate against rural communities in building their broadband networks. [ITU, 2006; CWA, 2006; Pew, 2006]

James F. Trumm

I think it's a great policy prescription. It's mystifying why it is not listed in the "Issues" section of Edwards' website.

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