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May 16, 2007



I have to agree with your assessment of the debate. However, I am from Arkansas, and it is still very early in the game. Huckabee, like another Arkansas former gov we all know...has a better than average shot as long as Fred Thompson doesn't get in the race. But if Thompson gets in, all bets are off. Ron Paul is a goner...he was rather repulsive in how scared he looked when Rudy asked him to retract...hard to get that image out of my mind this early in the morning.

James F. Trumm

Yes, I actually felt bad for Ron Paul. What did you think of Huckabee as governor?


He is ok. I don't much like Arkansas politics, never have. Arkansas is still so 'good ol' boy, that it really doesn't matter who is in office. Money and real estate development rules in Little Rock. I should know, as I used to work for one of the largest commercial real estate firms in Arkansas. I was in the middle of a deal getting rid of the Rose Law Firm when I left Arkansas to pursue greener pastures. But I grew up with Clinton in the Gov's mansion, and really, there is no such thing as Dem or Reb...hate to break it to you. It is a diversion to keep the public focused on 'the fight' so the rascals in office can continue to line their pockets, and their chosen special interest groups at our expense. The Dems and Pubs are both guilty. I have been quite disgusted at what looks like blatant funneling of federal money to the Feinstein's in California, via Dianne's dealings on an appropriation's committee. Along with the various atrocities that the Pub's are doing. Neither group wins big points for me regarding their capacity to be moral and do what is best for the US.

Rob G

thanks for the run down. I missed the debate. Huckabee won the "best bass player" vote, it seems.

James F. Trumm

Yeah, he plays in a band called Capitol Offense. They played at a Freeper cookout, which must have been pretty scary...

freeper madness

Republicans like to slam John Edwards somewhat like former Republican representative likes to slam underage teenage boys.

freeper madness

Republicans like to slam John Edwards somewhat like former Republican representative Mark Foley likes to slam underage teenage boys.

James F. Trumm

Ha! Double ha!!

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