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August 23, 2007



To the families of the unfortunate miners: You all have been in my thoughts and prayers since the double tragedy. May God (whomever you hold that to be) comfort you and give you peace. Better days are ahead!

One point I'd like to make. Anger makes it very easy to place blame on others (i.e, Bob Murray). I truthfully don't believe Mr. Murray is an evil man or a monster. I do believe he is a man with a big heart who wants to do what is right. Face it - we are all human and far from perfect; mistakes happen; things don't always go 'our way' no matter the circumstance. God bless you all!


To the families of this unfortunate tragedy, may you find Grace and Peace!!

I totally agree with you Debra. What use does all this blaming over the tragedy serve? No one decided that this is what should happen on this day. Things just happen. Bob Murray, in my opinion, has bent over backwards to deal with this situation and has taken full responsibility. Has anyone stopped to think about him and what he is feeling.

James F. Trumm

Murray's company has been cited repeatedly for MSHA violations. He used this accident as a poltiical platform to argue against doing anything about global warming (check out the video I have up). He has attempted to blame a non-existent earthquake for the cave-in, when the proximate cause was the retreat mining techniques his company employed. I'll leave it to others to decide if all this makes him "evil," but I find his attempts to blame nature and the supernatural for this incident repugnant.

Paul Gustafson

My prayers are with the families affected by this horrible tragedy. I hope the sixth hole will find their family members alive, and bring them home. I also hope that the root cause can be identified so this won't happen again to other workers and families.

James F. Trumm

I am with you on both those hopes, Paul.

emily w.

To the families, my sympathy and prayers are with you. But I do have to strongly agree that Bob Murray has done everything he can in this situation. He has been there since day one and has not deserted anyone. If there were any possbble way to SAFELY rescue the trapped six he would do it. It doesn't seem fair to let additional rescue workers risk losing their lives when there have been no signs of life where the six are trapped.

James F. Trumm

Emily and Dorie,

Where Bob Murray has failed is not in making efforts to rescue the miners. From what I have seen, he has done everything that could have been done.

My criticism, which I think is fair, is that he created the conditions which led to this incident, and since then has been attempting to dodge responsibility for doing so by blaming first a non-existent earthquake and second an "evil" mountain.

Julia H.

I'm just curious, as I'm sure others are too after reading the latest news, regarding a "sixth drill hole, that will be drilled where the miners were believed to have been working at the time of the accident"(directly quoted from the CNN news)
Why wasn't this the location that they drilled in to begin with??

Megan Hodge

Bob Murray is not an evil man. I feel sorry for Bob Murray and I hope that after this is all over, he will be able to find a way to go about his life with peace in his heart knowing that he did all he could to find those 6 miners. The families of these 6 men are in pain, I know, but the comments they have made about Bob Murray are ridiculous!
Yes, he promised in the beginning to get all 6 men out of the mountain. CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE CHANGED PEOPLE! 3 more men have died in an attmept to bring the 6 out. How many have to die trying to get them out? Is there some magic number? Mr. Murray can't stop going into the mine until he's killed 6 men looking for the 6 that are undoubtedly now dead? The mountain is even more unstable now. You want Mr. Murray to send down a rescue capsule? Then YOU volunteer to go down in that capsule!
I don't know Mr. Murray personally, but in watching him during the news conferences, he seems like a very compassionate man and he seems deeply upset and troubled by the mine collapse.
Let's remember, this was not his fault. He didn't make the mine collapse and he's been working around the clock, living in a trailer on the mountain since the collapse, to try to find these men. The miners took their jobs knowing the risks involved. The "retreat mining" was done before Murray's company owned the mine.
Mr. Murray, please know that not everyone thinks you are the animal others are making you out to be! My thoughts and prayers are with you as well as the families of the miners!

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