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November 07, 2007


Rob G

Ol' Blackwater, keep on killin'.

Well put, Jim.

James F. Trumm

Mercenary goons, won't ya keep on shootin' at me . . .

Rob G

I just hope some funky, zealous president gonna send me off to some foreign land (foreign land!)

James F. Trumm

I wanna shoot and rape and kill so bad
Uncle Erik's gonna send me to Baghdad...

To Baghdad, send me to Baghdad (Uncle Erik)
Gonna shoot them Iraqis all night long.

James F. Trumm

Oh I got me a contract
I'm ready for posting.

Old Mesopotamia, she's callin' my name.

Bullets are flying and A-rabs are dying
Blackwater keeps sending me checks just the same.

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