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January 21, 2008


steve fabrikant

jim, agreed...cnn and all the news media need to sell time...this must be what the public, or mass public is interested in does get a bit boring, and we have to suffer through this for the next 10 remote works well in getting me onto some discovery channel with better programing...the good news is that exactly one year from today, we will either have a white woman president, a male black president, or as we've had all along, a white male one...and life in america will continue

Anthony Frame

The problem you are frustrated with (as am I and many people) is the problem Black feminists have felt for a very long time. Which minority issues to they push hardest for: women's rights or African American's rights? Are they always different? Often? may would say they are often different. So, which team do they throw the most support behind. And, by throwing support behind either, do they become defined not by who they are (individual human being) or by their minority status[es]?

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