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September 04, 2008


Anthony Frame

The Palin problem is that it is distracting. Obama & Co. need to refocus the media off of Palin's family and back onto her inexperience and real scandals (like trying to ban books and, when that didn't work, trying to fire the librarian who wouldn't ban books)-- but only in so far as to show McCain's lack of judgement. But most of all, keep drawing distinctions between McCain and Obama and comparisons between McCain and Bush. That will win this election -- not anything about Palin's snowriding hubby, knocked up daughter or Down's Syndrom son. Those are the American Idol politics that are making you (and me) sick.

P.S. if John McCain thinks a Hillary Clinton supporter (like me) will vote for Palin just because she has a pair of boobs, then John McCain is the biggest boob in the country. And that's saying something, since Bush is still in the country.

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